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The Company:

Masterarte was established to develop and facilitate access to art.

Our Focus is to commercialize and enhance ones access to modern and contemporary art.

We are committed to select a wide variety of styles and options from young, contemporary, modern and acclaimed artists currently in the market.

Masterarte aspires to bring art to those who appreciate it, as well as to those who would like to appreciate it. Delivering art to your home would bring us great satisfaction.

We hope you are pleased with our selection of art works. We are always open to suggestions. In case you are interested in a specific artist who is not available on our Web site, please contact us so that we may send you images and information of particular interest to you.

The Team:

Our team is comprised of specialists in the field of fine art who analyze the authenticity of the work, provide consultation and evaluate market prices. Our company believes in the importance of partnership between artists and art dealers.

Masterarte relies on the support of the Galeria de Arte Ipanema, a renowned cultural institution that has been active in the market for 45 years.

Daniela Séve Duvivier, founder of Masterarte, has represented the Galeria de Arte Ipanema in São Paulo, worked for Latin Collector Gallery in New York and the Museum of Modern Art of New York (MoMA).


The commercialization of works of art will be ruled as follows:

Masterarte will buy, sell and consign art in general through our Web site and our direct mail newsletter.

To view works of art personally, a visit to a gallery might be scheduled.

Works of art can be delivered to a Client’s residence under the following conditions:

Filling out the obligatory consignment contract.
Payment of a mandatory insurance policy, according to the estimated value of the work of art.
The Client is responsible for transportation-related expenses for delivery to other municipalities.

Payment conditions will be determined by the Masterarte and the client.

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